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Industry News » China's high-yield seed makes for bumper Bangladeshi harvest

It has been an exceptionally good harvest season for farmers in Bangladesh.

A bumper harvest, beans, cauliflower, eggplant, gourds, green chili pepper, potatoes, radishes and tomatoes, in Manikganj district, northwest of capital Dhaka, has put smiles on farmers' faces, despite the extra work that all this bounty demands.

Farmers generally agree that the excellent harvests of these particularly profitable early-winter crops are credited to Chinese for their help in high-yield seed and proper pest control.


Photo taken on Nov. 15, 2021 in Manikganj, Bangladesh shows a scene in the local harvesting season, with workers plucking mulberry leaves at a silkworm farm. (Xinhua)


Aleya Khatun is a female farmer who works on a piece of land of her father-in-law. They grow leafy vegetables like amaranth.

"God has given us a very good yield," she said, who is delighted by this year's harvest. "We sell our crops in the Singair wholesale market," she added, "We take home the fresh vegetables we grow here and cook and eat them."

Another farmer Ahmad Ali specializes in radishes. "I've done very well with this high-yield seed," he said. From just a small patch of land, Ali makes about 200 U.S. dollars from each harvest.

Hamidur Rahman Khan grows vegetables all year round. "I used Chinese seed," he said pointing to his field of snake gourds. Khan's fertilizer and pesticide also came from China. "I tell other farmers that if they want to do as well as I do, they should look out for Chinese supplies."

"Seed is sold from late August to mid-February," said importer Kishore Mallick. His company imports seasonal vegetable seeds from China. Among the main Chinese items, beans, asparagus, butter nuts, radish and watermelon are in high demand.


Photo taken on Nov. 25, 2021 in Chattogram, Bangladesh shows padday harvesting is in full swing in Bangladesh. (Xinhua)


KSM Mostafizur Rahman is managing director of National AgriCare Group, one of the country's biggest importers of pesticides, micronutrients and growth regulators. "China has so many competitive advantages in terms of price, service and cooperation. It is a pleasure doing business with Chinese suppliers," he said.

"High-yield seed is very important and China is our main overseas source. Winter vegetables are popular because farmers find them profitable and reliable. If you go to the market, you will find cabbage, cauliflower and many other winter vegetables that came from Chinese seed," said Rahman.

"Bangladesh's farming sector has improved immensely, thanks China. It is happening because of cooperation between the two governments, between the two peoples, and business-to-business cooperation as well. They are the real driving force."
Source: AgroPages

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